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Access our Client Portal to send and receive files using our Secure File Transfer facility, explore the tools and calculators supplied by MoneySmart and the convenience of the useful links provided below.

Secure Online FTP File Transfers

Client Portal

The data you are sending is highly sensitive. All data sent via email or cloud services are uploaded and saved on third servers, being potentially susceptible to data breaches. To combat this, PJA clients can send and receive large files of any size using our direct device-to-device file sharing software.

You no longer have to worry about third parties having your data, unauthorized access or storage limits.

Click the button below to access the PJA Client Portal to transfer your files.
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General Calculators

Please enjoy the links to these free tools supplied by MoneySmart – an excellent resource for general financial information.

Don’t hesitate to contact PJA if you would like to ask any questions you may have arising from your use of these calculators. We welcome your inquiries.

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We’ve amassed a reasonably large collection of links to make it simple for you to navigate your way to other sites.

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