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Peter Jess

Peter Jess is the principal of Peter W. Jess and Associates Pty. Ltd., trading as PJA Accountants. Peter commenced practice as a Chartered Accountant in the 1970’s.

The PJA Approach

Peter Jess

Peter Jess is the principal of PJA Accountants. He has broad based exposure to an incredibly wide range of industries covering fields such as primary production, manufacturing, construction, retail, graphic design, sports related services and body corporate services to name but a few.

Peter has represented clients the world over and is a pioneer in the field of personal representation for sporting identities, actors, and professionals with a clientele of high profile coaches and athletes. Peter was a co-founder of the AFLPA’s Education and Training Board, and was instrumental in setting up the Agents Accreditation system in the AFL.

Peter’s personal values reflect the culture of PJA Accountants. As experts at what they do, they have invested in the best people and have robust tools and processes to support them so they can provide value to you. The core team values Peter and the team at PJA continue to uphold are valuable, accessible, supportive & trustworthy.

If you like working with smart, down-to-earth, truly great people, who are determined to achieve great results for you, PJA might be who you are looking for. The personal involvement of Principal Peter Jess in all engagements is an integral part of the way PJA work with clients.

The PJA Approach

Insight and Action

You can count on PJA Accountants to provide sound insights and effective action. They will give you options that are in line with your organization’s strategy.  They will put the right technology in place to help you automate your business processes.


With PJA you have access to a switched on team of taxation accountants and business advisors, using the latest technology to enable your business to grow whilst giving you your time and sanity back.


An unwavering commitment to building a relationship sets PJA apart from other accounting firms. They work side by side with you to keep you focussed on the important things while they take care of the books and your wealth management.


PJA don’t just deliver routine tax and accounting services. They also specialise in offering fully customised advisory services aimed at transforming the scope of your business.

Working Together

Seize the Opportunity

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